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We service Hermanus to Rooi-Els. Passionate about cleaning glass.

  • We are No 1 in South Africa
  • Google’s Best Rated (and most reviewed) Window Cleaner in South Africa..
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (no charge until happy)
  • 5 Day Rain Guarantee – we come back and make pretty
  • Fully Insured to R5 Million
  • No team of workers – Father and Son
  • Latest Technology – Pure Water
  • On time all the time 
  • Hermanus to Rooiels
  • Monthly contracts available 
  • Get your Window Cleaning Contract soon
  • Almost at Full Capacity…
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Need a Professional

If you ever had time to sit and clean your windows you would see how time consuming cleaning can be. You would also have realized how difficult it is to get a good result – often it is the sunset or sunrise that reveals flaws in your technique. That is where we come in.

Don’t you love the feeling of climbing into your car after a valet or a good clean… that is the same feeling we want you to have when you arrive home after a long day… Especially considering how many homes are blessed with beautiful views of the mountain or sea.

We want to take the burden (pane) out of window cleaning and allow you to get on with your life. As always time is money or rather time is valuable…  So let us take control of cleaning your windows. It is one less thing you need to focus on.

Living by the coast has a large impact on windows and glass. We use the more modern and technologically advanced approach to window cleaning, namely Pure Water.  This way of cleaning is better than tradiational methods as it leaves glass without any residue from soap and also does a pretty good job at cleaning frames… (my customers love this)

We also provide a very exclusive service as we do the work ourselves… no team of workers on site. This has drawn a very particular customer that values this about our service.

We pride ourselves in the technique and skill we bring to the window cleaning business. Our focus is providing a Professional experience.  Almost 100% of customers are repeat customers which says a lot…

Window cleaning is not always perfect due to the state of windows that have been neglected – but with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee we will always do our best to get the best result we possible can for the customer.

We also don’t cut corners so we are fully insured for any damages or accidents that could happen.

As a family business we stake our reputation on the work we do and the service we provide… Yes when it comes to cleaning glass we indeed mean “business”

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Family Business - that means "business"
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Family Business - that means "business"
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Some of our Commercial Customers…

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Whalecoast Window Cleaning

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