We are Family...

After 30 years in the software development business where I developed systems for companies like PEP, Sportmans Warehouse, Cape Union Mart I decided to leave in pursuit of a different career. Having the wonderful towns of Hermanus, Kleinmond, Betty’s Bay and Pringle Bay I started Whalecoast Window Cleaning. One of the first contracts I got was a 3 year contract to clean windows for the South African National Space Agency in Hermanus. Developing skills and techniques got me to the point were I can now offer one and maybe even the best window cleaning service in the area.

What makes us different is that we don’t operate with teams of workers but rather do the work ourselves – thus being able to guarantee a professional clean and guarantee results. We have the tools and equipment to do most windows up to 3 levels – mostly without ladders. 

Safety and risk are very important to us so we avoid ladders as much as possible. I work along with my son Chad (sometimes Zac) to provide a complete service for most residential and commercial clients. While Chad works around the outside I follow on the inside thus always keeping track of quality of workmanship. Because of our techniques people are amazed at the speed at which we clean – comparable to a team of 4 or 6 workers on site. 

Working on our own also provides a level of security and privacy, which is highly valued by many of our clients in the area. We often work unsupervised on premises at Arabella Country Estate, Harbour Island (Strand) and Greenways(Strand). This level of service is what makes us different from any other window cleaning company you might employ. Being trusted by our clients gives us pride in our work and company.

Goal of Whalecoast Window Cleaning is to create a high quality window cleaning business that can one day be handed down to my children and provide them with financial and job security. We enjoy interacting with our clients and we also enjoy cleaning glass. Most of my clients are repeat customers which testifies to the quality work we do.

The freedom that comes from having your own business is wonderful and having the opportunity to schedule my days and affording me the time with family.

We also love this business and am constantly importing the latest tools e.g. Moerman Accelarator which allows a high level of precision on the glass and working with good tools is fun and gets the job done with quality.

Over the past 3 years I have been really proud of how my company has grown especially in the upper segment of the property market with some very exclusive clients in the most wonderful homes. The relationships with many of my customers have grown and we really enjoy many of these cleans.

For that I would like to thank all my existing and loyal customers…
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