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We at Whalecoast Window Cleaning use the most effective cleaning technologies to provide the best results when it comes to window cleaning. We use traditional methods on the inside of homes. Our tools used set us a apart from other window cleaners.


Pure water cleaning is the process of removing all mineral and other deposits from ordinary tap water. This is done via reverse osmosis and results in almost pure water. The reverser osmosis process removes around 98% of particles from the water. We then pass this water on site through a specialized resin (deionization) which removes the remaining particles. This 2 step process is called (RO/DI) in the window cleaning industry. 

This water is taken in a water tank to site and used to clean windows. The water is pumped from the vehicle through a 100m hose to a specialized waterfed pole and brush. We use the FACELIFT Phantom Carbon poles which can reach windows 12m high. The brush is used to agitate the dirt and scrub the glass.  We also wash the frames and sills which are not normally done by window cleaning companies. The frames and glass are then rinsed to remove all the dirt. No need to remove the pure water remaining on the glass as this will dry without spot as there is no minerals in the water which will leave marks.

This method of window cleaning has become the standard for residential and commercial cleaning of glass and frames.

Some other benefits

  • No need for ladders, as pure water Window Cleaning can be carried out from the ground.
  • Access difficult to reach windows, skylights and other awkward obstacles and clean plastics, frames, sills.
  • Environmentally friendly, no soaps or chemicals are used.
  • No ladders mean a safer work environment, and less risk of property damage.
  • Added privacy for the customer (nobody looking through upstairs windows)
  • Windows stay cleaner for longer
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